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Official Selection AUFF - Atlanta Underground Film Festival :: Posted - Jul 26

Atlanta Underground Film Festival
FreeLance – Saturday, August 25th 10:45pm
@ Plaza on Ponce de Leon

FreeLance is showing at the Plaza on Ponce, Saturday, August 25th at 10:45pm, one of the closing films of the festival! Tickets are $5 with current student I.D. (THANKS! AUFF!) and $7 other wise. Bring friends, families, other peoples families, strangers, abductees or enemies.

AUFF FreeLance Site – Advanced Tickets

Official AUFF FreeLance SiteWhere you can purchase tickets and look at other films screening.

Watch the Trailer

Watch 3 different versions of the same trailer!

Don’t move….don’t move… SCRAMBLE!

This caught us off guard though. It means we’ll have to move double time on securing Rod Reel Internship discounts and Georgia Disciples of 12 Steps Spiritual Tracts.

About the Festival

“The Fourth Annual Atlanta Underground Film Festival (AUFF) will take place August 22 – 25, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. The 2007 AUFF will showcase every genre of independent film from across the world during this celebration of the independent artist.” For more information see the Official Atlanta Underground Film Festival Web Site at

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HD, Cast and Crew, Festivals :: Posted - Jul 25

I’ll be out until Thursday afternoon. I found out that the HD and color DI started yesterday, Tuesday, so we might not get that until beginning of August.

Cast and Crew

I need your addresses confirmed so that I might send you goodies. Confused about goodies? Read the post below.


Lots of Submissions. Very few answers. Risk big, win big, but this anxiety is killing me! We still haven’t heard back from 20-30 something festivals. But if we make it in one, I’ll be sure to tell you, conversely if we don’t I’ll just pretend that I can’t understand you, prank caller, or ignore you.

Tickets to AUFF and RIFF

You can purchase them in advance for AUFF, and for RIFF. Or at the door.

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*Attention* Cast and Crew - Read Below - Everyone Else can, too. :: Posted - Jul 24

Ended up getting completely slammed today with 3 new projects. And while I now have a roof over my head in my name, I still have a black hole to fill, and not referring to a new child (or old child), or any children, because I don’t have any… but I am referring to the black hole that takes cash only and all that other stuff we humans have to put up with: Food, gas, movie marketing, gf’s, bff’s, omfg’s,

Regardless. Ramble on. The Goodnews

While the image gallery and vBlogs haven’t made it up yet, rest assured that they will be here Thursday/Friday, in the mean time, get your tickets to AUFF ($5) or RIFF ($7) by clicking the banner, or the links you just read. I should be getting the HD version of FreeLance back within the week, so expect that rolling out, too. AND! Festivals want us as much as we want festivals. Thats all I’m going to say. Enjoy your day.

HD Trailer, new Stills Gallery, Homeless Directors vBlog

All due out this Thursday/Friday.


Please use the Contact Form and send us your mailing address so that we can send you goodies. The good kind of goodies. Are there bad goodies? You know you want our goodies.

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NEW STUFF? Homelessness? :: Posted - Jul 23

Yes, new stuff. Well really, its old stuff. Most of it you’ve never seen before, cared to read or thought important, but now it’s dressed up, so you might as well enjoy it.
FreeLance is playing at the DeSoto Theatre in Downtown Rome, Ga at the Rome International Film Festival!
There is a new image gallery due out Monday evening along with the new video blogs I recovered from the series the Homeless Director starring Drew Sawyer on the set and sleeping in the grip truck of FreeLance.

And incase you didn’t notice, the RIFF Screening of FreeLance is at the DeSoto, right in the middle of downtown. Get your tickets in advance at the Official RIFF – FreeLance Entry Page.

Plus the site is more functional, gives you more confidence to navigate freely, deeper into content. Enjoy!

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Gallery Test2 :: Posted - Jul 22

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