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FreeLance - the MOVIE: AUFF Winner...and RIFF, maybe.

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AUFF Winner...and RIFF, maybe. :: Sep 9

We won Best Local Feature at the AUFF!
RIFF was a blast, we played Friday night with the largest crowd the DeSoto theatre had seen at the festival. This years RIFF was the best so far in terms of film selection, but the worst technically. Not only did FreeLance experience some unusual technical difficulties (minor sound sync issues) but 3 other films I saw were also under the stress of machine failure. Those screenings were either stalled until fixed, or, as I heard from one, their film went unfinished. Regardless, great films were seen.

CAST and CREW – GOODIES Distributed

Your T-shirts and DVD’s are ready. They were distributed at the festival. You can contact me through the email form giving email and contact information. And thanks for those who came to show their support!

Didn’t get your DVD?

Email via the Contact page.

Whats Next for Summerbrew Films?

More festivals, and….most importantly, more movies. We’re dropping that bomb very soon.


  1. Jackson, Sep 14:

    I have people asking me where they can buy DVDs, y’know, for money n’ stuff. Are the DVDs for sale and, if so, how much?

    Buy DVDs, or Todd will break into your house, lock you in the closet, and make you listen to the bodyguard soundtrack for several hours!!!

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