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FreeLance - the MOVIE: FreeLance DVD and T-shirt Store - This Week

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FreeLance DVD and T-shirt Store - This Week :: Sep 17

By popular demand, the FreeLance DVD’s and Tshirts will be making their way onto the website via a major credit card and pay-pal system. If you have any problems with these payment methods please use the contact form so that I can provide alternate methods. Otherwise, watch for the update this week.


  1. CHRIS KUNKEL, Sep 20:

    Drew, Wish you would call. I’m not abandoning you.. Regards, Chris Kunkel

  2. Jackson, Sep 21:

    I am totally willing to autograph DVDs for, like, a dollar. Or a beer. Or some boobage. Or, I guess I could pay a dollar to drink a beer and autograph a boob.

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