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FreeLance - the MOVIE

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Featured Cast & Crew

Sean Mann (ROY HENRY RINGOLD) Writer/Producer/Co-editor/Actor

Screenwriter and co-founder of Summer Brew Films, Sean Mann began work in the arts with high school theater where, fittingly, he studied with actor Bob Kunkel. While completing a degree in Economics from West Georgia, Mann took creative writing classes on the side, hoping one day to make comedies better than the ones he was seeing theatrically released. After many drinking promises, Mann and Sawyer collaborated on FreeLance, Mann’s first feature screenplay in which he plays one of the three main ensemble roles. He currently teaches high school economics.


Bob has been around theatre for most of his adult life, though how this led to his degree in sports management is still a hotly debated question among his college friends from the University of West Georgia. Kunkel’s gifts for physical comedy have long been known to the writers, who wrote the character of Elliott was with an eye toward Kunkel’s unique gifts for improvisational acting. An unwilling method actor, Bob channeled a harrowing regimen of intoxication and sleep deprivation into the manic depravity of FreeLance, his off the cuff dynamism often far exceding the directors expectations. FreeLance is Bob’s full length feature.

Jackson Williamson (TOBY)
Moving from the stage to the screen, Jackson Williamson makes his film featured role debut as the often-pathetic but endearing Toby in FreeLance. A veteran stage actor who trained at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and has toured with the Georgia Mountain Theater, Williamson’s credits include work on The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild, The Sound of Music, Guys and Dolls, and The Crucible at the Rome Little Theater. He is extremely proud to have been involved in this film and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Drew Sawyer Director/Producer/Editor/Co-Cinematographer

Drew has been involved in dramatic productions for nearly his entire life. An award winning actor early in high school, it wasn’t long before Drew discovered that his true calling lay behind the camera. Drew began producing shorts in high school, manning all aspects of production. A self taught editor and cinematographer, Drew has tried to master all aspects of production, seeking guidance from experts and making their skills his own. After a short stint in film school Drew decided that the path to his dream lay not in theory but in practice. Forming Summerbrew Films with college buddy Sean Mann, they set about bringing FreeLance to life. Drew also slices a mean watermelon. FreeLance is Drews first full length feature.

Bobby Mallin Co-Cinematographer/Camera Operator

Bobby graduated from Berry College in 2006 with a degree in Visual Communication. An accomplished photographer, Bobby worked on several shorts before joining FreeLance as a cinematographer and camera tech. Bobby brought his eye for composition, assisting the director in creating the unique visual feel of FreeLance, as well as the patience to operate a camera twelve hours a day. FreeLance is Bobby’s first full-length feature. (Bobby passed away this winter. He will be missed)

Roy ClementsSound Designer/Engineer

Roy Clements’ audio career began in 1982, working in a local radio station, and over the last twenty five years has established himself as one of the leading sound engineers in the South East. From his humble beginnings running sounds boards for his friends bands, Roy has become a master of his art, and has worked on projects as diverse as “In The Heat of the Night” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, authoring the complete audio from his swivel chair of power. Roy’s clients include Turner Network Television, The Weather Channel, Cartoon Network Television, ABC Television, and MGM television. When not creating audio content for the major players of television, Roy is continually tinkering in other sonic endeavors, his limitless enthusiasm keeping him constantly busy. FreeLance is Roy’s first full-length feature.

Jason Fordham Executive Producer

Arts aficionado Jason Fordham, the executive director of Icon Theatre Company, Inc. and longstanding member of the Board of Directors of the Rome Little Theatre, describes his experience producing FreeLance in a word as “challenging,” and, in a sentence, “one of the greatest experiences in working with a gifted team of visionaries…” Fordham has been involved with theatre in the aspects of acting, directing, and producing since 1993 and co-founded Icon Theatre Company in 2005.

Jason Clairy Production Design/ Sound Monitor/ Executive Producer

Jack-of-all-trades filmmaker Jason Clairy (The Sniper) wore several hats on the FreeLance set, shifting between posts as production designer and executive producer. His previous artistic experience includes 17 theatrical productions, many for which he technically directed and contributed lighting design. His company, Real Media Productions provided most of the primary photography package used on set in addition to his careful production design for the sets of FreeLance.